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Every product sold by LIGHT GALLERY is individually made to order...  just for you!

Thanks to new "print on demand" technology, it is now possible to print and manufacture products individually to order, within only days, without the waste that comes with mass production.

By reducing mass production, we can reduce the quantity of waste that ends up in landfill.

 This is good news for the environment!




Print-on-demand is a new way of thinking about product manufacturing.

Instead of a warehouse full of mass produced products, each LIGHT GALLERY product comes to life (and begins the production process) only at the moment you confirm your purchase.

Your products will be individually printed, hand cut, sewn, finished and shipped within 7-8 days. Larger orders may take a few days longer. Shipping times will vary depending on the product and the destination, but typically will take between 10-14 days.

LIGHT GALLERY  have carefully selected manufacturers from around the world for their commitment to producing high quality print-on-demand products.

Tracking numbers are provided for most LIGHT GALLERY products. Where tracking is unavailable, an estimated delivery date will be included in the email we send you to confirm that your order has been shipped.




LIGHT GALLERY aims to minimise its environmental footprint by shipping directly from the manufacturer.

Rather than your products being sent by the manufacturer to LIGHT GALLERY, and then re-sent by LIGHT GALLERY to you, you will receive them directly from the manufacturer.

This way your products will be delivered quickly and, most importantly, they will have been shipped only once.

This is definitely more good news for the environment!



The products speak for themselves. 

Over-the-top fancy packaging is unnecessary; it always ends up in the rubbish bin.

LIGHT GALLERY deliberately tries to reduce the waste generated by unnecessary packaging for your products. So be warned - they won't arrive in ultra-fancy LIGHT GALLERY branded packagings and wrappings. 

You can rest happy and be proud knowing that you just received your new product, and it didn't create more waste than absolutely necessary. 

Now that's a nice feeling!




If you have any issues or questions regarding your product/purchase, email, and Michel will be happy to help. Please do not contact the manufacturer directly as they will be unable to assist you.