ABOUT THE collections


 A study of the complexities of light and colour.

The subtle differences often taken for granted, suddenly exposed for all the world to see...

when the colour spectrum is reversed…


and what a beautiful world it is

light is dark... dark is light


Strange new vivid colours awaken the senses,

newfound beauty springs from the world around us… 

a simple exploration of a darker facet of our world...


a place of beauty

where the shadow glows.


The INVERSE LIGHT collection is a continuing project... more artworks coming soon.



A fusion of street art and light painting, illuminating a world of artwork normally only appreciated during the day.


"Light painting, or light drawing, is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph"


In stark contrast with the sometimes brutal permanency of street art and graffiti, light painting is fleeting in the real world - at literally the speed of light, a light painter's efforts evaporate - but fortunately they are preserved forever through the power of the camera lens.


DARK STREET ART began as a collaborative gallery website showcasing the artworks of Melbourne light painting artists, Michel Robert Cabrié and Elle Brooker - www.darkstreetart.com - with its name taken from Michel Robert Cabrié's 2013 artwork entitled "Dark Street Art". The collaboration has since disbanded; however both artists continue to light paint street art in their own unique and exciting ways.


The anonymous nature of street art inspires a sense of mystery... and this anonymity makes it difficult for me to identify and give credit to the street artists who created the works I have enjoyed photographing and light painting for my DARK STREET ART collection.


So, I take this opportunity to send out my thanks and respect to all the anonymous street artists who have helped make Melbourne the street art capital of the world.


... more artworks coming soon!



bijou  (bē′zho͞o′)

1.  a jewel.

2.  something small, delicate, and exquisitely wrought.


An exploration of pattern, texture, and detail, and the effects that altered light can have upon image perception.


"At first the imagery can confuse, its true nature hidden. However, the closer you approach... the deeper you look, the more you will see and find... 

Often we overlook the detail, and it was my intention to make this detail leap out from the page through the use of accentuated and artificial light, so that it simply cannot be overlooked or ignored."

 - Michel Robert Cabrié



Always take time to stop and look...

and always look deeply.